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Born and raised in Fort Defiance, AZ, Spencer W. Willie is proud to call the Navajo Nation home, with this wife and four beautiful children. 


His parents are Wilbert A. Willie of Two Wells, NM and Tinna (Holiday) Willie of Oljato, UT. Mr. Willie was born in the Navajo traditional clanship system to the Yé'ii Diné Tachii’nii clan and for Tsenahbiłnii clan, his maternal grandfathers are 'Áshįįhi and his paternal grandfathers are Kinyaa'aanii. He holds a Masters in Public Administration from Southern Utah University and Bachelors of Science degree in Political Science from Southern Utah University.


Currently, Mr. Willie is a Navajo Business Owner of HN4 Solutions, that specializes in technology initiatives in Indian Country and also as a government relations consultant to organizations and businesses on the Navajo Nation.

In 2019, Mr. Willie was appointed by President Jonathan Nez and confirmed by the Navajo Nation Council Health, Education and Human Services Committee, to a six-year term to as Parent Representative to the Navajo Nation Board of Education.

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Guiding Principles

Learn the foundation that has attributed to Spencer's success

Professional timeline

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Spencer shares his experience, knowledge and skills of his work experience.


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My Guiding Principles

As a Diné Hastiin (Navajo Man) I know I am a person of exceptional worth and capability. I am committed to learning and understanding my greatest potential. I value the ideal of teamwork and will explore and identify innovative advancements that will help myself and others to make decision and plans that will have the maximum impact and benefit.

I have journeyed into this world for a divine purpose. I enjoy my life today because of the sacrifice and service of others. The sacred path of life that is before me is carved from the examples set by my ancestors and loved ones and the path, I lead today will be the path that others will follow; therefore, today’s choices must be true for I am accountable to those before me and those who shall follow.

I believe in the interconnectedness with others and my environment. My place within the cosmos leads me to always remember in my communication with all my relations that we are all of the five-fingered beings that emerged into this world with the assistance of a creator. My journey must be governed by identifying my personal relationship with others and from each relationship comes our role and responsibility to one another. I must strive to maintain Hozho (balance and beauty) with it encompassing round about. By exhibiting and practicing áyóó’oo’ni’ (love), sihasin (hope), hójooba’ (hope) and o’oodla (faith) I will strengthen my relationships with others and strive to support a positive environment that we all may enjoy.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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