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Professional Timeline

In the traditional beliefs of the Diné (Navajo) culture, our journey in this life built upon the resilience and fortitude of those who have journeyed before us and the path we journey are sacred because others will eventually follow. The Navajo Basket is symbolic of life and its many events that have been interwoven through our many experiences. The beginning of life starts at the center of the basket with the center opening depicting the emergence into this life from another spirit world. From the center, spiraling in clockwise it continues and matches the time experienced in this world. A life full of hard work, success and failures leads to the tightness and strength of the weave of the basket. The overall beauty of the baskets represents the lessons learned and our interconnectedness with others and our environment.

Educational Pathway

Majority of my education has been completed with Southern Utah University. Undergraduate studies in Political Science (1998) and Graduate Studies in Public Administration (2022). Completed supplemental semesters at American University, DC (1997-98) and Diné College (1992), supporting studies in Native American culture and language. 

Professional Pathway

With over 15 years of public service in tribal government and public programs and 10 years in business sector development for the tribal market. Throughout my career, I have worked for such organizations as Utah State University, Navajo Nation, Tribal D, Inc, Navajo Gaming Enterprise, Navajo Tribal Utility Authority and now HN4 Solutions. 

Future Direction

Building upon the foundation established with SUU, AU and DC, the path of development will be supported with continuous learning, refinement and advancement of knowledge skills and abilities. I will continue with service to improve my community and supporting my education. 

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