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Immediate Job Openings!

Summer Contract Position

Facility Assessment Contractor

We are seeking skilled individuals for contract work to conduct facility assessments in communities across the Navajo Nation. This three-month project offers an opportunity to work independently, conducting assessments, recording data, and communicating effectively with customers. Ideal candidates should possess a strong knowledge of building construction, equipment assessment, and have reliable transportation with car insurance. This contract work will be paid on a piece-meal basis, allowing contractors to manage their earning potential.

1. Conduct facility assessments in various communities across the Navajo Nation.
2. Utilize our proprietary system to record assessment data accurately and efficiently.
3. Communicate effectively with customers to gather necessary information and address any inquiries.
4. Assess building construction, equipment functionality, and identify areas of improvement or maintenance needs.
5. Work independently to manage assessment schedules and meet project deadlines.
6. Maintain professionalism and represent our organization positively during interactions with clients and community members.

1. Strong knowledge of building construction, facility assessments, and equipment evaluation.
2. Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, with the ability to interact professionally with customers.
3. Demonstrated ability to work independently and manage tasks efficiently.
4. Reliable transportation with valid car insurance for traveling to assessment locations.
5. Attention to detail and ability to accurately record data in our proprietary system.
6. Willingness to adhere to project timelines and deliver high-quality results.

Application Process:
To apply for this contract position, please submit the following documents:
1. Resume highlighting relevant experience and skills.
2. References from previous employers or clients.
3. Copy of valid Driver's License demonstrating reliable transportation.

Note: This contract work offers flexibility and the opportunity to contribute to meaningful assessments within Navajo Nation communities. We look forward to reviewing your application and welcoming qualified individuals to our team.

Client Relations Specialists (5)

Join our team as a Client Relations Specialist, a pivotal role crucial to our success. Your daily tasks will involve proficiently communicating information on the application process and program eligibility. This includes guiding applicants through the application journey and potentially participating in outreach events to boost program awareness. As a Client Relations Specialist, you will conduct thorough personal interviews to gather essential information and documentation, playing a vital role in determining eligibility. Monitoring and maintaining accurate client eligibility records, explaining policies to applicants and representatives of other agencies, and conducting assessments to screen applications for service eligibility will be part of your responsibilities. Your commitment to confidentiality is paramount, reflected in meticulous maintenance of applicant files and accurate recording of forms. This fully remote position seeks self-starters who can efficiently manage tasks and ensure successful completion of responsibilities in a dynamic and collaborative environment.

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